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From Lockdown with Love BRAVO 54 (Spring 2020)

From Lockdown with Love

A message from the president in these Wagnerian times...

More Than a Mere Pittance BRAVO 54 (Spring 2020)

More Than a Mere Pittance

LA Opera's Assistant Concertmaster is on a mission.
A Grand Design Interview with Peabody Southwell

A Grand Design

This groundbreaking mezzo talks about and reflects upon her life and career to date.
Zarzuela or Spanish Opera? Interview with Melodee Fernández

Zarzuela or Spanish Opera?

The Lead Teaching Artist of LA Opera's Zarzuela Project discusses this very conundrum.
Bring It On! Interview with Susan Graham

Bring It On!

After nearly 25 years on stage, Susan Graham still finds the thrill of new challenges
The World Premiere of Ellen Reid Interview with a Wunderkind

The World Premiere of Ellen Reid

Two composers will be heard at LA's “big four” musical performance organizations in 2018. One of them is Mozart. The other...