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Brenton Ryan

Brenton Ryan

In his own words, Brenton Ryan may have once been "super shy," but he has emerged as not only an outgoing, confident young tenor but as...
All the Stage's a World An Interview with Lyla Forlani, LA Opera’s Production Stage Manager

All the Stage's a World

Wrap your brain around this amazing little factoid: While many opera companies have Production Stage Managers, only very few, as in less than 20...
Extreme Sports Opera An Interview with Jeff Kleeman, LA Opera’s Technical Director

Extreme Sports Opera

As the Technical Director for LA Opera, Jeff regularly clocks in 80 or a hundred hours a week, sometimes even more if you can fathom that....
Bob Bernard's Corner: Dead Man Sailing

Bob Bernard's Corner: Dead Man Sailing

Jay Hunter Morris reprises his role as Ahab, the monomaniacal sea captain in LA Opera's production of Jake...