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Quiz Time! Winter Edition

BRAVO 44 Opera Quiz with Answers

Are ya cold? Warm yourself up with opera trivia. Here are the questions from BRAVO 44 with the answers in bold. Be sure to follow the email link at the bottom to let us know how you did.

Question 1: The first half of what perennial favorite takes place on Christmas Eve?

A. Die Fledermaus
B. La Bohème
C. Hansel and Gretel
D. The Marriage of Figaro

Question 2: As Violetta lay dying in the final act of La Traviata, she overhears merrymakers carousing in the streets of Paris outside. What are they celebrating?

A. Carnival
B. Christmas
C. All Saints’ Day
D. Bastille Day

Question 3: In Benjamin Britten’s Albert Herring, the title character becomes the unexpected focus of what holiday?

A. Easter
B. Valentine’s Day
C. Victoria Day
D. May Day

Question 4: Which opera (last performed at LA Opera in 1998) begins with children practicing a Christmas carol in the summertime?

A. Where the Wild Things Are
B. Eugene Onegin
C. Werther
D. Porgy and Bess

Question 5: This Handel oratorio—which has been staged as one of LA Opera’s annual community productions presented at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels for families—is based on the Old Testament story of the victorious Jewish leader who liberated and reconsecrated the Temple of Jerusalem, an event celebrated on the eight nights and days of Hanukkah. Name that oratorio.

A. Samson
B. Esther
C. Judas Maccabeus
D. Saul

Big thanks to Mark Lyons and Bill Kennedy for preparing this quiz.

Click here to email BravoQuiz@gmail.com to let us know how you did and provide feedback.

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