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From the President: You Matter

The League needs your talent and energy.

YOU MATTER ~ to the Opera League of Los Angeles (OLLA), to Los Angeles Opera (LAO), and to your community. Volunteering creates positive, authentic connections in your life. Volunteering for OLLA offers you the opportunity to fulfill your spiritual and emotional needs and become part of our community of opera lovers.

OLLA needs your talent and energy. Get involved and you will meet opera lovers who share your passion. This 30th anniversary season has increased LAO’s mission to provide opera to students and seniors by inviting them to dress rehearsals. Through our bus fund, we provide free bus transportation for schools that have limited funding for cultural endeavors. We are aware that art and music programs have been cut from curricula. LAO is dedicated to inspiring future audiences. Our volunteers assist LAO by providing support to greet the students and organize the events. League volunteers and LAO staff host students at rehearsals and work with college students and teachers. You are needed. Leave a message for Larry Verdugo, Education, at the League’s 24-hour hotline: 213.972.7220.

Plácido Domingo, our beloved general director, complimented the League for creating a warm atmosphere for arriving artists. He personally asked me to thank OLLA for picking up artists at the airport and getting them settled in their hotels. Nowhere in the world has he experienced this level of hospitality and graciousness. Leave a message on the hotline for Nina Haro, Artist Services.

Maestro Domingo also praised OLLA for providing sumptuous buffets for the cast during rehearsals. He attends these dinners when he is in a production. (An open secret: Maestro [hearts] sweets.) We need your help: your creativity and cooking skills. Don’t cook? Not a problem. Make a donation and join us in welcoming the artists and production staff. Leave a message on the hotline for Diane Henderson, Cast Dinners.

Our community educators are our ambassadors who speak at libraries, schools, and senior and community centers. They are a dedicated group who research and write their own presentations. If you have intellectual curiosity and enjoy interacting with people, we need you. Applications for the eight-week summer training class will be available in 2016. Your reward will be compliments and adulation for your efforts while you serve the community. For information, contact laopera.org/community or call 213.972.3157.

Do you love to shop and do you love clothes? We need you to volunteer for the Shop at the Opera. Profits are donated to LAO for their educational programs. Be dazzled by the variety of jackets, jewelry, scarves, and other wares and receive a discount as a reward for serving visitors. With your help, you will transform ordinary women into divas. Leave a message for chair Mimi Rotter at 213.972.7220.

 The League also provides educational experiences for our members: seminars, musicales, master classes, and neighborhood gatherings. All events are listed in BRAVO and here on our website. Check out our cover story on gatherings. If you can’t volunteer, we welcome donations to help fund our programs.

Get involved.

We need you.

You will add fulfillment, experiences, culture and friendships that will enrich your lives.

Happy 2016. See you at the opera.

Author: Thomas Lady

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