Opera League Volunteers Rock!

Volunteer Appreciation Video

By Laurel Howat

Greetings, hardy Opera Leaguers and friends!

As some of our veteran Leaguers may know, ever year, usually toward the end of May, we hold our annual Volunteer Appreciation event in one of the opera rehearsal rooms on the upper floors of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. In this pandemic year of 2020, that obviously didn't work out.

Still, we were determined to let our volunteers know how much we love and appreciate them. The Opera League, and by extension LA Opera, could never pull off all we aspire to pull off without the grease and sweat of our tireless band of volunteers.

But please do not take our word for it. Check out the below video featuring a couple of important Opera League supporters, namely Christopher Koelsch, LA Opera CEO, and Stacy Brightman, Vice President of LA Opera's education program, LA Opera Connects.

Enjoy! And be well! I look forward to when we can celebrate our volunteers in person once again.

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