Intermission: The Magic League

The President Speaks!

By Laurel Howat

Greetings, everyone

In just about a month, a multitude of Opera League events have transpired. Many of these, plus new events, can be yours to experience, as they occur throughout the season.

LA Opera Simulcast
Even some rain early on in the day did not stop well over a thousand people from attending the La Bohème simulcast, and Opera League volunteers at our promotion table gathered nearly 100 emails of interested culture vultures. You can only experience the simulcast once a year, so start thinking about saving a September weekend in 2020 to visit the Santa Monica Pier and watch LA Opera’s first opera of the season. Be the first to hear what that is at the gala preview on January 26, 2020, hosted by the Opera League and LA Opera. The preview is for League members only so join if you need to and sign up.

Cast Dinners
I was able to attend the back-to-back cast dinners on October 8 and 9, and to discover that the Brits (most of The Light in the Piazza cast) love Snyder’s butter pretzels, René Fleming took seconds on Steve’s meatballs, and an espresso machine in the dining room is a nice addition once in a while to the cast dinners.

The Light in the Piazza Opening Night
Wow! The glitz and the glitter – and much of it from teens and twenty-somethings – filled the opera house. The Light in the Piazza was delightful and a big draw for the types who like Dove Cameron. Maybe they will come back for more opera!

Open Door Days
Like many education events, Open Door Days occur throughout the season. Opera League volunteers are crucial here, as they are with all education events, as they meet, greet, coordinate and help seat hundreds of school children who attend them. I was SO EXCITED that my brother brought his second-grade class, along with two other classes from their school to the Open Door Days on October 14. It was Don's first time doing this, and he and his fellow teachers vowed to make this an annual field trip.

Shop at the Opera
I volunteered twice at Shop at the Opera during this past month. What fun! The Shop is THE place to people-watch, before the opera and during intermission. And! You get to model the merchandise, such as the gorgeous evening jackets and hand-crafted jewelry and bags. And if you're a dude? Never fear! If you volunteer (you must be an Opera League member), you can model the gorgeous cashmere tartan scarves.

I attended another gathering this month and heard a captivating story of the unknown person involved in the creation of The Magic Flute. I will not give it away, but if you run into Opera League Community Educator Ray Busmann, he may give up the ghost.

Don't miss our next seminar on Sunday, November 10, where USC Professor Bruce Brown will expound upon The Magic Flute. Order tickets here.

Starting on opening night of The Magic Flute and continuing at every Flute performance, you can find one of our Opera League board members at a table with one of our LA Opera colleagues to tell you more about the Opera League and assist you in becoming a member.

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