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Seminar October 30, 2016: Akhnaten

Sunday, October 30, 2016 Noon to 3PM

5th Floor, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Speakers: Professor Kara Cooney (UCLA Department of Egyptian Art and Architecture) and Professor Veronika Krausas (USC Thornton School of Music)

New League Member Orientation Session starts at 11:30AM
Program starts at Noon

Lunch Break 1:15PM

According to composer Philip Glass, this work is the culmination of his two other biographical operas, Einstein on the Beach (about Albert Einstein) and Satyagraha (about Mahatma Gandhi). These three people – Akhnaten, Einstein, and Gandhi - were all driven by an inner vision which altered the age in which they lived, Akhnaten in religion, Einstein in science, and Gandhii in politics.

Was Akhenaten a religious philosopher or a power-hungry heretic? In this lecture, Egyptologist Kara Cooney will reveal the history behind this controversial ancient Egyptian pharaoh. She will discuss why he moved Egypt's capital city from Thebes to his newly built city of Akhetaten and explore why he cast off traditional ancient Egyptian religious beliefs and embraced his strange new religion of sunlight.

Composer and Thornton School of Music Professor Veronika Krausas will discuss the third in Philip Glass’s biographical operas, Akhnaten, about the inner vision and life of the pharaoh Akhenaten. She will delve into the forms, structures and musical ideas in the opera, specifically as they relate to the narrative. The background of the opera in Glass’ oeuvre and its place in musical history will also be included.

Author: Thomas Lady

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