A Presidential Call for Volunteers

BRAVO 42 President's Message

I hope you enjoy the cover story on the Opera League’s intrepid Education team of volunteers who toil tirelessly at LA Opera Education events to spread the love of opera and culture and the arts to the next generation. Like the previous cover story on Gatherings, the Education piece does a terrific job showing the sheer volunteer firepower required to pull off these programs to ensure an upscale and informative experience for you.

That’s why I’m always thrilled every May when we have a chance to honor our volunteers. This year our volunteer appreciation event will take place on May 26. No less than Marc Stern, chairman of the board for LA Opera, will be speaking. Volunteers who pick up artists from the airport, provide a sumptuous home-cooked buffet on rehearsal days, speak at public venues, work with LAO’s Education and Community Engagement team (EduCom) or sell our wares at Shop at the Opera, these folks are the heart and soul of the League.

However, one team of Opera League volunteers you might not be aware of is the Opera League’s Communications team. Let’s give these brainiacs a shout out, shall we? Led by Tom Lady (also the editor of BRAVO), the Comms team is the Big Brain behind our rapidly evolving technological infrastructure. This of course includes the website (operaleague.org), eBlasts, Facebook, as well as the cast dinner signups and volunteer tracking. Tom would like to give special props to fellow board members Christa Marks and Tanya Len as well as consulting director (and former Comms chair) Bill Green, League treasurer Julie Holland and Membership chair Regi Merwin for their invaluable support in improving our backend tech.

This team is diligently and patiently hand-holding the League into the 21st century. Bravissimo to them, am I right?

On that note, I will continue to encourage people to forgo hard copy RSVPs via snail mail, and instead do any and all event RSVPing through operaleague.org. It’s a win-win-win: quick, easy and paper-free. You technophobes in the audience can let go of your fear. Simply contact Tom at webmaster@operaleague.org and he or someone from his team will happily give you a hand if you’re new to online ordering.

At this point in my message, I hope you’re chomping at the bit to be a League volunteer yourself, because Tom and the Comms team are looking for a few bright minds.

First, Tom is looking for anyone and everyone with writing skills to become contributors to BRAVO, the lovely publication you are holding in your hands. Got writing skills you want to flex? Just hit up Tom at webmaster@operaleague.org.

How are your computer skills? Ever done web development? Digital media? Ever wondered what it’s like to publish something on Facebook on behalf of a nonprofit instead of to your own personal account (it’s thrilling!)? Tom and team would love to add more tech talent to the Comms team. One more time: webmaster@operaleague.org is where you can reach out.

Gold stars to anyone who has “Liked” the Opera League on Facebook and knows what I’m talking about when I say that (head to facebook.com/operaleague and all will be clear).

Speaking of which, see you at the opera!


Author: Thomas Lady

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